Girls training – mid session review

Leamington’s summer of girls coaching has now reached its halfway point, with sessions ending on Friday 6th July led by Misha (although we will be working with the mixed group coaches to ensure those girls that want to keep training until the end of Leamington’s youth coaching this summer can do so).

Our All Stars Cricket seems to be delivering on its promise of providing children from 5-8 years old with 8 weeks of non-stop fun. We’ve had some great feedback so far and hope that your child is enjoying being part of the over 50,000 children nationwide taking part in AllStars this summer.  We’d also like to flag the Warwickshire Cricket Club AllStars day on Sunday 8th July at Edgbaston for all participants – see for more.

Whilst catering for the sheer range of talents and ages in our older girls group at 6pm has posed a few (good) headaches for the coaching team, we remain focused on skill development and having fun playing cricket and this will continue for the remaining weeks of the programme.  We’ve already covered front foot drives, bowling actions, fielding and square cuts, with the remaining weeks focusing on key skills often lost in the blur of older age group sessions once games and competitive cricket start to become a priority.

Our view is that without base technique the girls will struggle to develop their game further and the ages of 8-13 is when basic technique needs to be learnt – it gets much harder to change once the girls get much older!  We’ve had a few queries from parents asking why we are focusing on skills and at times using a tennis ball – the answer is simple.  These are all drills taken from Warwickshire’s own age group sessions, even at professional level, and are there deliberately to focus on skill development.  Playing games and playing hardball is great, but without base technique there is usually a limit to how far a player can progress, hence we are taking things slow and steady, making sure we focus on the basics before we jump into the competitive stuff!  We would be happy to talk this through with parents though so please let us know if you want to know more.

Lastly, we are looking to move some of the more advanced girls back to hardball sessions for the last two weeks of the programme (29th June and 6th July) so we’ll keep you posted on kit requirements for your daughter in coming weeks should she be asked to take part (we’ll be doing this on ability and their development needs so we’ll be letting your daughter know in coming weeks whether she’ll need kit or not).

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